Brahma – Key Visual 2017

Art Direction, Design

Brahma is one of the largest beer companies of Brazil.

In the beginning of every year the company develop new visual directions in order to refresh their message. For this year, we decided to propose for the client a flat style solution, adding value to the product, transmitting the message as clear as possible.


We started this concept creating stamps that tell a little bit about the brand’s history and how much beer is traditional in our country. After gathering some keywords, we’ve looked for some elements present in the package’s labels (like the barley and the foundation date).

After that, I started designing the stamps, always trying to synthesise the concept into a unique symbol. The color palette was also inspired by the packaging, where red is always predominant and gold is used to highlight and enhance the products.


Agency: Africa
CCO: Sergio Gordilho
Creative Direction: Bruno Valença & Filipe Birck

Designer: Matteus Faria
Art Director: Raphael Santos