Single Sessions - Filipe Toledo

Graphic Design, Motion Design

Filipe Toledo became a pro surfer with only 16 years.

Hurley (the official sponsor of Filipe Toledo) asked us to design a new visual communication for his Single Session’s video, where he shows some new tricks while is competing in the World Surf League.

Frames design

My role was to develop a visual for the video’s opening. One of my first ideas, and that’s what I ended up doing, was to use some beach images, and noise effects to remind the sand texture. The typography is always big on the screen, to make the message clearer and the frame gains a bold visual.

For the colors, they didn’t have a preset palette, so I chose to use a combination of B&W for the background images, and green on typography to make a contrast.


Client: Hurley
Creative Direction: Filipe Birck
Designer: Matteus Faria

Motion Designer: Filipe Birck
Filmmaker: Bruno Baroni